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All I have at 72, it’s because of destiny

Is there something like destiny in real? Is there anything like God? Do you live your life? Is it good to talk unknown people while you travel? Would you prefer to talk to the person of your age, or 3 times more than of your age? What you think a 70+ year man talks about with a person who is equivalent to his third generation? Do you think they talk a lot? Do you think earphones are your best friends when you are traveling?

When I was traveling yesterday from Indore to Ujjain, a conversation with 72 years old man, who is young by soul, Mr. Mehta made me think about it. Earphones are like my besties, as I got my seat next to him, I sat down and plugged my earphones, started with TED talks, and after 10 minutes he asked Ujjain jane ko Kitna time lgega? I dislike the interruptions when I am listening something I want to, but I answered, ‘1hr. 30 minutes’,  followed with more questions, like ‘koi bina halt wala bus nhi h? I told ‘nhi h’, he stated,‘Mumbai ka metro achcha h‘ so I have to remove my earphones, and this is how the conversation started.

Mr. Mehta is Gujrati and lives in Mumbai, he worked as an accountant in some automobile company for 30+ years, and now he is into share trading.  He is a happy man, who lives separately with his wife, he worked till 50’s and now earns from share trading at home only. He enjoys traveling place to place, had his last trip to China a few days ago. He strongly believes in destiny. He never believed in God, but he shared an incident that made him believe in God. When in 1986, on some day he went to the bank to deposit his salary of Rs.2500, he found only 2200 in an envelope and he was puzzled, he checked his pockets and envelope and he was with his friend, and with puppy face, he explained everything to him, his friend told to believe in God and pray Shirdi wale Sai baba, that you will visit him, if you get your money. He said ‘agar mere ko paisa milta hai, to muje Darshan ko jane se kya vanda h‘ He never knew, how he heard some voice back in mind that ‘Lifafe mein check karo.’ He asked his friend, did he advised him anything, he nodded with ‘no’. He went to the counter and rechecked it and found his Rs. 300 in that envelope. He was shocked, happy, he never believed but he thanked God and went Shirdi and somehow the environment influenced him to believe in some power that exists above all and runs everything. So, that proves somewhere, the existence of God or some divine power.

He talked about his son who was earning 3000 bucks/month, about 20 years ago, who did love marriage with a Punjabi girl, and after that gradually he became a lucky man because of his lucky wife, and now is billionaire, he went to numerous foreign countries and almost all states of India(I thought he is having Atlas in mind). He gives all the credits to the destiny. We had cross conversations like destiny works only where hard work is paid off, I stated. And, he claims that destiny brings to the results you have never thought off. He told me that I will realize it someday, I said “Maktub” or destiny, our belief in it alters with the situations, sometimes we believe its destiny, sometimes it is the result of hard work. But, no one can trust completely on Destiny.

There were conversations on numerous topics. It all made me realize that sometimes it’s really good to talk to strangers. Conversations enlight your mood better than songs. The aged people share more bitter and better experiences to learn than someone of our age. They talk about their children and their children’s success stories more than anything.But, they also talk about their independent life, and how they are independent at this age also. This is how conversations changes from discussions on journey, to religions and unity in diversity, political issues, to real life, to family, to children, to struggles in life, to personality, to skills, abilities and to the places I should travel, and should live my life because it can end any day. And, he said, “I am fit at the age of 72 because I am not dependent and I am enjoying my life, I know I will be called any day and I will leave this body, but live your life, before you leave your body.” We thanked each other for such meaningful conversations and bidded goodbye.

People who are destined to meet somewhere in life, they will meet even when they are miles apart. You meet them through real or virtual means, they have their part of lessons to teach, and they will leave then. But, the role and truth of destiny is something I am still unsure about.

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