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Be your own boss!!!

Seriousness and determination towards the job is an expected attribute in you when you are employed in any firm. Irrespective of how well established the company is, they want the best employee. They want a person who is dedicated, hard working, intelligent, curious, determined, confident, friendly, laborious, and eloquent.

But, during my conversation with few of my colleagues who are already working in the firm, this topic came to light that you can be in real danger if you are only having these traits. They say, if you want to grow you should have some additional traits.

People have expectations from you, if and only if you have the ability to fulfill their expectations. So, with these qualities, you will spend more than half of your life, working under some person. If you are too good at bootlicking or perfectionist in your work, maybe there are more chances of your promotions, but still, you will be working under someone.

Why your boss is your boss? Think about it.

With answers to this question, you will find the characteristics you should have to be a boss. Missing characteristics are that s/he is lazy, adventurous, charismatic, over-ambitious, creative, inexperienced, open-minded, self-competitor, unorganized.

Mostly, you agree to all other characteristics except that s/he is unorganized and lazy. When your boss takes new challenges all of his previous plans vanishes, so the plans get organized and unorganized so quickly. It is never well organized and even if it is, it always goes the opposite way.

Your boss is lazy, s/he finds the easiest way to do the job, employees you to reduce the workload on him/her. And, the most important thing is, your boss doesn’t bound his mind as per his/her job hours.

Learn this from your boss, think of the better ideas, think something creative that can fuel your mind. Don’t bound yourself in the tenure of some 10 hours of your job, your life is more than 10-12 working hours. Keep yourself happy, laugh at your silly ideas, take risks, do it today, because you never know when your life will end. Finish the unfinished but at least start something that you want to continue. Don’t earn to live, rather live to create. Be your own boss!!!

P.S. If any of the readers is a boss, then please don’t take it otherwise.

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