Therapy V/S Self Talk


Therapy is costly. Healing takes time. Meditation needs daily practice.

Acceptance of things and situations takes so many good golden years of your life. The only free thing available everywhere is “stress”. 

Call it workplace stress, entrepreneurial stress, situational stress, financial strain, and the cherry on the cake – family drama. The worst part is “one-at-a-time” rule doesn’t apply here at all. You have to simultaneously handle multiple versions of it at different places while trying to balance yourself and keeping calm. 

I wonder, when stress comes for free from everywhere, why do people charge to listen to your tale? I’ve heard that they are experts. But, are they really? 

I don’t think so! If they would have known all the logic to feed the brain, wouldn’t they be completely stress-free? Won’t they stop reacting fiercely in their own lives? Won’t they be the saint who can control every emotion of theirs and teach you methods of doing the same? Also, won’t they hear you out in a row and give you some solution rather than a series of slow soaking sessions? 

I know what they are charging for. It’s their time and patience to hear you out. To listen to you and try hard not to judge you based on your experiences. To not get affected by your negative vibes. And, probably to understand a variety of human emotions based on human psychology expertise that some of them may hold.   

Opening your heart to someone takes a lot of guts and courage. That’s what most of us do in front of our best friends. The only difference is they don’t charge! Since you don’t pay, they don’t listen to you blabbering every time like the therapist and you don’t take their advice seriously. Even, you enact in exactly opposite pattern to what’s suggested. Or, probably you will end up calling a friend who happens to speak in your favour rather what’s right. It’s simple nahh you want to listen, what you really want to do and if that doesn’t fit in you change the person. 


So, if you are paying for therapy to overcome your childhood trauma, breakup, or family challenges, or listen to your inner emojis, it’s because you don’t listen to yourself. Else the more apt thing to say, you don’t want to believe in what’s the right thing to do. 

Why do you talk to someone else about your problems when they can’t solve your problem? 

Well, as I’ve already mentioned only you can solve your problems, none else can, so why you talk about it? 

It’s pretty simple. You tell someone else to listen to the answers that you don’t want to accept. You get a second opinion when you talk to some other person or atleast you see the other side of the story. However, you will find their answers biased by their life experiences for that’s natural to happen. The psychological makeup of everyone is distinct and is solely based on one’s life experiences. You may get a different angle of the situation to think and enact, but be wise when that tone is playing inside your head. 

Whom should you talk to then?

To yourself! I’m not mentioning that you will get some expert advice, but you will listen to what’s best suitable for you. 

Learn more about the impact of self-talk on your mental state

Here comes the role of self-talk. Take some time for yourself, be it in morning or at night, when you are on your own. You know everything about situations, challenges, hard times, achievements, what you love, and what you hate. Address the second version of you with your pet name or give yourself a unique name. Give a tight hug to yourself, meditate for some time, and talk about the issues bugging you the most. 

If you like make a spreadsheet or write the pros and cons of the solutions you find on paper. That’s the vary same thing even therapists make you do. A bundle of exercises to know your psychological wiring a little better. Though it’s never possible to understand anyone completely. When you are doing for yourself, you can possibly understand most about you. 

Be your own guide, therapist, lover, counselor, and above all “Be your best friend.” Address your concerns in the same way, you give advice to your friends and colleagues. That’s the best way to heal yourself and stay as happy soul. 

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