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Childhood friends are always the blessing

“Friends” the word you say, and you start remembering your gang of most kamine creatures, and it brings lots of memories of times you spent together. About how they messed with you, and you with them. How your boring lectures turned out to be most interesting one? How you bunked, went for movies, did some real scandals, became savior of each other infront of family and teachers,  etc. etc.  etc… Boss…. har baat ki story hai. There are numerous friends in your life which includes childhood friends, school friends, high school friends, college friends, friends k friends, job wale friends, and several other categories are there. But friends are friends, and the most coolest ones are childhood friends, with whom we use to talk most normally and with open heart, with whom the favorite topic of discussion is anything you want to discuss. And, apne 90’s wale lot ka favorite topic how time changes, it was so good at our time, seems century paar kr li ho humne. 

No matter if we had any trivial conversation in childhood with those friends, but when you meet them after a decade almost, its like “tb ke bichde huye hum aaj yahan aa k mile” You start with formal conversation and then it turns informal and then the topics of the conversation never ends. It’s like you can write a book, and get it published, but you know… there are lot of secrets in those conversations which you have never discussed with your other friends and parents, and if they come to know they will disown you. So, conversation tk hi thik hai bhaiya.

But, the nostalgia you get after remembering all those moments you people had together, is like the real blessing. You want to live them again, but you know you can’t. You always want to spend more time with each other, but again, now priorities are changed, we have other duties as well. The best dialogue that comes in our first conversation “You are as insane as you was at that time, you ain’t changed a bit.” It’s like, let’s drive back to that time, and leave the world for a week, and enjoy everything that we missed these many years. But, in reality, we can’t so, atlast I want to thank my all friends and especially my only childhood friend and college friends for encouraging me in what I do, to eat my mind when I am not actively listening to them. Thanks for being inseparable part of my life.

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