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Love & perpective thinking

Love brings an enigma in your life. It introduces you to real you. It brings immense happiness in your life.  What do you think that happens in love? How all of a sudden you start feelings indifferent, confident, and accept yourself as the luckiest one? How you start thinking more about your looks? How a single person whom you know just from some days turn to be most special for you? Why you want to spend your most of time with him/her?
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Nothing happens when you in love, but everything is remarkably signifciant when you are in love. Love brings you to into action without thinking. As it is the only thought you have all the time in your mind. You spend every other minute in the thought of that person. You are intimidated even by their way of speaking, voice, walking style, their dressing sense, hairstyle, or even texting shortcuts.

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I heard right, they are talking about him  :*

You get excited all of a sudden by listening any conversation about them anywhere. You hear his/her name and you turn around to check who’s there?
You are listening songs and your mind tricks this way and you start linking the lyrics of every song with your present condition.

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These lyrics perfectly suits us

You wait for hours for your long term talking sessions. Even, when there is nothing to talk, you still don’t want to end your silly conversation.

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hehehe, you are so sweet 💕💕💕

You dressed up well, you know you are looking good. Still, you want to listen to comment about your pretty or dashing looks from your lover.

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This is how she will ask you ? :p

You start discovering yourself. You stretch yourself to the boundaries, and try the different ways to make them feel so important.

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Important otherwise you will blamed, that you lost interest in relationship 😉

You want them to solve your issues, but even when your trying on your own to get out of your mess, you think how he/she would have solved the puzzle in this situation.

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How he will solve it!!!

Everything changes, your taste about music, books, and interests changes or become the mixture of their and your choices. This is how loves gives way to perspective thinking. As long as you are in love, you never know how much you are changed.You love their thinking perspective and think in same way.

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And, you never get enough of him/her.

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