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MAUN,  wenevr i see ppl in sch silence wch they often refer as MAUN VRAT, i dont find it mch righteous, this is not b’coz its smthing like which cant b followed, bt  its becoz of the fact that there silence is nt the actual silence, behind tht silence a lot many of intepersonal discussions  keep going in between our heart n mind. Besides this we keep thinking on over different issues agn n agn, evn during this silence.
So cud this silence b called as MAUN or pure silence.
I feel tht pure silence is smthing wen while driving , or siting in d room we jst listen to soft music, n stare at walls to look for its beauty n silence.
Almost everyday d lessson comes to me frm smwhere tht speak less or speak wid soft voice, so fr tht i jst like to say tht its smthing tht the voice wch u like evr seems as soft to u, no matter evn if it is noisy 1.
Silence n softness of voice is smthing wch u feel by ur mind, by ur heart, n wt u feels of it.
So refer on to silence only wen ur heart n ur mind feels it n xperiences it, no more silence wen different thoughts r hovering ovr mind.
Enjoy d silence n beauty of silence all around.

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Aprajeeta Singh

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