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Motivation is necessity

Many  times in life we come across times  tht we get DEMOTIVATION, smtyms its right coz its needed to raise  flame inside our heart, n mind to achieve our goals, but not case for always.
Its like d need of SUSTAINABILITY.
In d race of making sm1 feel better n more intelligent, it doesnt mean to destroy d silent knowledge.

Every1 possess kinda knowledge of evrything, difference is only tht some hav more knowledge of something or other thing.
Evn small knowledge on any field can b grown to wildest knowledge of tht thing. Bt if d range of demotivation grows higher thn evn d smallest of tht could get trapped in smwhere.
N thn it bcms very difficult to bring out  tht knowledge. So motivate ppl it enhances d force in thm to achieve their goals. It Creats psychological power tht we hv potential .
So dont mislead ppl.

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