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How you feel when someone says “it’s not your cup of tea”,  “you can’t do it”? You always don’t need others to say that in words,  their actions and attitude towards you is also enough to reveal that, they think you can’t do it. You start getting the inferiority complex,  that can be because of their behavior, or can be because you are losing your self-confidence.

Sometimes after listening this,  you feel terribly low, if you have been through too many negative thoughts, or you are already facing too hard times.  But,  when you give yourself the time, to digest everything, you will come to know that it’s in your hand,  to mold those thoughts.

People say negative things,  they will point out your mistakes,  if they are competing with you,  they will show themselves superior than you. But,  isn’t that the only reason,  you are struggling out of your comfort zone to give your best.  This is role of  negative motivation.  People will prove you wrong,  you will fight back to prove yourself. People will put your negatives,  and you will fight all odds to overcome your negatives and turn them as your positives. You want to be the winner of this everyday race. In beginning, you think you are fighting against them, but later you will understand,  you are not fighting against them,  but you are fighting against yourself, in order to bring the best out of you.  You know that your best opponent is you,  who know how to fight back when you lose your strength and how to build your strength when you have to nothing left, except your willpower. 

It’s not only that I have arranged these words,  to make you feel motivated all of a sudden,  but it’s the truth you will realize when you will think and make the list of your positives and negatives. Check for the situations when you made your negatives as your strength and won  something you never thought off. If there is no competition,  no one will ever try to give their best,  and then there will be no charm of doing that work. Likewise,  if you will not lose, you can’t feel the taste of winning. So,  it’s in your hand to take those thoughts in negative sense or build them as your strength,  and then fight back.  You already know that you have to struggle with these negative thoughts,  but with sad and dull feeling or with the feeling of enthusiasm by turning these thoughts as motivation is in your hands.

At last, I would like to thank all negative motivators of my life.

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