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Never Trust

a word trust breaks as:TRying  d trust is mUST
bt wenevr we trust, it breaks our-self,
it just teases d mind
n increases our thurst of getting best in life or just kill all worsts,
a gr8 facts behind a gr8 big smile>
a smile by watching text on cell, bt evr only fr sm wrk,
inbox full of texts bt heart is still alone,
waiting fr a long tym fr sm1 wid trust tht prsn goes wid u,
thn moving on d way alone… no1 waited4 u as u did,
wen u trust, it gives u worst,tears  get burst,
hav believe on urself n trust ur soul,
d only 1 who nvr leave u as all
n live wid u as u r….
life starts wen u live as u want n as u r…
no customizations by any 1…only way tht u r…

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Aprajeeta Singh

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