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Several times we  suggest different ideas n solutions of several problems to each other. Bt smtimes our suggestions too become pain n cause of problems as suggestions r smwhere jst wt needed bt nt practically possible to b settled n followed by mind can b said tht those suggestions r ideals.
wen ideal talks r told it doesnt matter mch bt evn creats tension coz its always suggestion bt nvr b followed not evn evr by suggestors.
Very amazing situation tht u also mi8 hav xperienced, “whenver u feel tht u got less marks thn  naturally u get smwt upset or sit silently thn ur classmates cm to u n say’ chill maar yaar, dont take tension , yeh toh chalta hi rehta hai its nt finals, waise bhi tujhe koi itne kam marks nhi aaye hein”, bt, wen they go through the same situation n evn if they got good marks bt satisfactory to thmselves n wen we say same thn only response cms as,” i cant tell my marks yr, bahut hi kam aaey hein, daant padegi, n allllllllllll…
so hw evn d less marks of sm1 can b said b n told as gud 1’s n evn d best of 1self seems as worst , so if u cant listen same fr urself  hw can u tell sm1 d same ….
another most rocking topic of scolding n talks “MOBILES n its use”
ppl who a few years older thn u, or of saem age wen say tht u r overusing it, thn it seems as matter of fun, coz on othr hand they too do the same , so do they hav the right to tell us evn wen they r using it mch more thn anything n nt evn single bt many more simultaneously .
its sm othr issue tht  suggests tht wen u dont want to go wid sm situation n sm1 to do sm particualr task thn it agn n agn cms infrnt of ur eyes.
well so wen we cant follow  the same hw n we say it to all
So, i feel thts better to say n speak only wat u can bear for urself wen told by smone else or evn by voice of ur own soul.

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