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Aprajeeta Singh

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I am a Content Writer by profession, a Blogger by passion, an Artist by interest, and an Entrepreneur by choice.

I hardly remember the month or a year that introduced me to the art of writing. The notion of learning about various topics and exploring numerous business niches keeps me motivated to explore more. 

I’ve completed my undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Engineering in ECE in 2017. In the meantime, I have completed several virtual internships in content writing services and took up my first job in the same field. 

It was fun working in a cubicle, but I was looking for a more than confined 9 to 5 life, and that’s when I left a job to explore freelance and entrepreneurship. Now, I am working as a freelance writer and raising my small business Craftcart along with. 


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Content Writing

Do you want to promote your products or services via your website? If so, I can help you do that by creating interactive and user-intimidating content that exhibits your creative notions. Whether you are looking for someone to write an article or a website content writer to shape your business, you can count on me for either of these.



Your content is precious! But, your readers aren’t restricted to your native language only. So, to amplify your reach among the masses, you will definitely need a language translator to deliver the right message. As a bi-lingual personality, I can help you reach your Hindi and English readers/viewers/followers for sure with my translation services.


Corporate Voiceover

The content may seem plainer, but it's the tone that can make it effective enough to win the hearts of listeners. With perfect changes in the pitch, I can help ameliorate your corporate videos to amplify your sales conversions. You can reach me for a corporate voice-over for tutorial videos, explainer videos, and corporate presentations.

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क्या तुम्हें कभी प्यार हुआ है ?

प्यार क्या है, क्यों है, कैसे है, मैं नहीं जानती। है तो केवल एक एहसास। जैसे हवा है, छ


“विश्वास” वैसे तो ये चार अक्षरों से बना हुआ एक शब्द है , पर सदियों से मान

मेरा शहर

आज अचानक ही उसने पूछ लिया, “हर वक़्त करती रहती हो, अपने शहर की बात, तुम्हार

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