Aprajeeta Singh

Founder & CEO @Craftcart

Aprajeeta Singh

Hi, I am Aprajeeta.

Founder & CEO of the handcrafted home decor, festive decor, and gifting business – Craftcart™ and fashion brand – “Aprakriti”. I laid the foundation for this in my late college years and continuing with it since 2015. Alongside, I’ve worked as a Content Marketer & Content Strategist for brands for 8+ years.




I help businesses build relationships with their customers through the art of storytelling. I am indulged in several creative pursuits like writing stories and poetries, podcasting. Discovering and learning more creative and innovative sides of the new age business.


I run an e-commerce unit of handcrafted home decor & personalized gift items under the label Craftcart™ and fashion brand "ApraKriti".

Content Writer

I help brands market their offerings and connect well with their customers putting my writing skills and SEO knowledge at work. 


I host "Apravyakti" - a Spotify podcast, where I voice my compositions. If you need help with corporate voice-overs or storybook narrations, you can get in touch. 

किस्से, कहानियाँ, और कुछ वैचारिक बातें !

Writing is sort of magic that help me discover new perspective of my own thoughts. I put them in mould of imagination and my pen (keyboard at other times), to bring some fascinating stories and poetries to life.

On my podcast "Apravyakti", I voice my compositions and thoughts to share with you all, exactly in the tone and with the notion I’ve drafted them.


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CEO, Craftcart

Since 2019

Content Writer

Doing it for more than 8 Years now


Committed for all my life


Hosts "Apravyakti"

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