How Do Your Words Affect Others?

It’s only Words, and Words are all I have to take your heart away

It’s one of my favorite tracks. And, very close to my heart. As a writer, I literally have nothing but Words in life & Words for life.
Shaping my feelings in words, voicing my words with podcasts, finding words to voice numerous brands’ offerings, adding more words to my vocab, and tuning to more words (Ted talks & podcasts) – that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 7 years. 
Other than formal learning of writing styles, one thing I’ve learned is – Words can make or break you…

Bullying a plant like people bully friends & colleagues – Just with few words they felt saying
Even if you say bad words to a plant for a longer time, it will slowly and gradually die. I have read this in some self-help books and experienced that in some parts of my life as well. “You can never take back the words that come out of your mouth,” they say.
And that’s so true. Both in personal and professional space.
“Your words speak for you.”
How you say things, tell your story to other people, and present yourself has much to do with what you are in person. There is a way to convey everything you want to say; when not done right, it hurts people. Later, all you are left with is apologizing and saying, “I didn’t mean it that way.”
But does it make any difference?
Of course not; you’ve said what came out of your mouth without thinking about its impact on the other person. None of the medicines can heal that wound. Your words are powerful enough to change someone’s perception of life; likewise, they can penetrate someone’s soul. That’s the reason “You become what you perceive” and “You give, what you receive.”
There are plenty of speakers, influential people, and leaders out there. The latest addition to this is social media influencers. Some of whom we like to listen to and others to whom we are made to listen dutifully. Why do we listen? Mostly because either we are bounded to or we like their words. Maybe they are not saying anything extraordinary, but it’s the delivery style, tone, and pattern that you are fascinated with. You gravitate toward good words and develop resistance against bad ones.
We, humans, are easier to get influenced and prone to get affected. That’s why you can see the memes going viral, and Instagram feeds filled with reshares. You knowingly and unknowingly adopt the principles and belief systems of everyone you listen to and accompany with.
You never know your words are impacting whom in what possible way. And none of us want to shatter anyone’s dreams, ideas, and beliefs in pieces.
Ending this on the note, “Be mindful when it comes to your words.”

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